Ancient Practice

Ancient Practice

Massage is Instinctive.

Think about it.  What is your first reaction after stubbing your toe or hitting your elbow really hard?  If you are like me, you immediately grab the area that hurts and you rub it to make the pain go away.

Massage is a natural response to aches and pains and has been around for years.  Documents in China show the practice of massage has been around since as early as 3000 B.C.  Massage has slowly made its way west impacting Japan, India, and Europe along the way.

In 1856, George and Henry Taylor, two American doctors who studied massage in Europe, introduced massage to America.   They brought their expertise back to the states and opened up an orthopedic practice that specialized in the Swedish massage system.  The Taylor brothers, along with some other individuals, practiced and promoted massage therapy with hopes to impact medical practices.  Their discoveries and advocacy helped to bring about the development of the physical therapy field, which uses massage as a therapy to rehabilitate.

Today, many people are drawn to alternative therapies (massage being one) to supplement their medical treatments and for personal care.  So the next time you get a massage, know you are taking part in an ancient practice that has evolved over time to bring you health and wellness!

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    I dig this type of information…thanks for sharing!

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