Introducing RAW skincare products…

Introducing RAW skincare products…

Can’t get him to the spa?  Bring the spa to him by purchasing RAW skincare products:  a scientifically formulated skin care regimen exclusively for men and their faces.

Blue Agave Face Wash- Tequila and Yucca Root Extract drive this minty daily cleanser to work with a man’s pH. The serious science of Salicylic and Lactic Acid takes it where you want your cleanser to go – deep – as in deep pore cleanse.  $26

Rezone (Sake Toner)- Skin will respond to rice wine, precious minerals, and specialty teas as ReZone refines and balances skin after cleansing and/or shaving. Skin is more toned while reducing and preventing ingrown hairs, bumps caused by shaving, excess oil, skin cell build-up, and coarse, stiff hair.  $24

Enviroprotect Daytime Cream (contains spf)- Armor your skin from environmental assaults with fast absorbing zinc oxide moisture cream and a powerhouse of antioxidants to control free radical damage – the serious skin agers.  $32

Radical Redux (Corrective)- Uses powerful actives and raw organics boosted by Malachite and Black Tea extracts to reduce wrinkles, smooth texture, refine pores and brighten your skin tone.  $44

Eye Firm- Men will love the simple delivery and fast absorption of this wrinkle diminisher. The results will be clear for everyone to see; fewer wrinkles, smoother eye tissue and enhanced hydration.  $28

Ctrl.Halt.Del.-  Infused with the potency of Totarol to fight off acne, Green Tea Extract for radical antioxidant protection, and Salicylic Acid for antiseptic action, these all-purpose pads are a great addition to your daily cleansing method; quick, easy, and effective.  $16

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    This is a very good brand.

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