Product News!

Product News!

Can I just say that I am SUPER excited about a few things:

1.  I just put in a new order to Biotone (my massage product supplier).  I ordered new aromatherapy scents:  BLISS (Blend of Ylang Ylang, Black Pepper and Clove essential oils. Warm and spicy, promotes a sense of ease) and Milk and Honey Complex (Extracts of Honey, Milk Glycerides, Clover Blossom and Royal Jelly).  I also bought some Cocoa Comfort massage lotion (smells like chocolate).  Yum!

2.  I am working on the new special for January that I will post soon.  Here is a hint:  the body treatment involves paraffin wax.  :)

3.  Next Tuesday, I am getting new carpet in my massage space!!!!!  My feet and legs are already thanking me for the double padding going underneth.  The floor should feel like a springboard when it’s done!  Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of new carpet?

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